How to make your own Facial Oil

Let me start by saying that my skin has never been particularly problematic. I got the occasional hormone fuelled blemish, but my skin was generally clear. Since I switched to washing my face with a microfibre cloth and water then moisturising with oil, my face has been perfectly clear!

I decided to try facial oil after reading the Minimalist Beauty article about cleaning with oils. Although our skin and skin care regimes are very different, Dawn Michelle was an excellent resource for learning what types of oils are best!

My first facial oil was the nourishing facial oil from Suki. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use the carrier and essential oils that I needed to make my own and wanted to test whether it worked for my skin before diving in head first. As you can probably guess, it was a big success.

I’ve moved on to making my own facial oil. My current facial oil is a mixture a grapeseed oil carrier oil with lavender for regeneration, tea tree for its antibacterial properties and lemon for wrinkles. When I need to restock, I’d like to try a combination of sweet almond and grapeseed carrier oils with myrrh for strength, carrot seed for UV protection, lavender for regeneration, and geranium to lighten spots.

make your own facial oil

To make your own facial oil:


Grapeseed Carrier Oil
Sweet Almond Carrier Oil
5 drops Myrrh Essential Oil
5 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Geranium Essential Oil


1. Combine essential oils with the carrier oils

I find it works best to fill my container about half full with the carrier oil, put in the essential oils and then top up the bottle with carrier oil. That way I’m sure all the essential oils will fit in

It’s recommended to keep your facial oil away from heat and light as it can change the chemical composition of the oils. I store mine in a transparent glass container, which is not ideal. However, I store it in the cabinet in our bathroom, where there’s minimal heat and light.

2. Gently swirl the oils together

Vigorous movement can damage the oils, and is not recommended.

To use your facial oil, take a few drops and spread over your face. If, after a few minutes, my face feels oily, I’ll take a cloth and wipe off any excess. More than a few drops are unnecessary.