The family golf tournament was today, which doesn`t really count as training, I know.  I did walk the course (9 hole, 3 par) AND carried my bags.  That has to count for something right?

Tomorrow: Stairs!


Two ultimate games tonight, neither was great.  Though I did have a good run and catch in the 2nd game.  No one thought I’d get it.  Guess some of my training has paid off!

DUC Hunters had a rough go of it, and lost.  I found the wind to play a big factor in my game.  It was unfortunate that we had to end the season that way.

Gentle Tossers were playing for first place against a team that I disliked playing against, and it was no different this time.  They didn’t know the rules, and then complained when we called them on things, like being out!  I’m pretty fair when I call fouls/ins/outs.  If it’s questionable, I will generally make the call in the other team’s favour.  I try and explain rules if someone seems to not know them.  I don’t claim to know every detail of the rules by any means, I learn something new every time I play.  I feel like teams should know the basics, especially by the last game in the season.  Like what’s out (on the line) and what’s in (inside the line).  In any case, we lost, and I am still frustrated by the whole affair.  Again, it was an unfortunate end to a great season!

They don’t call it ‘quad’ for nothing!

My quads were yelling after yesterday’s stairs, but I still went to rae’s 60 minute endurance spin at quad east, and my legs are on fire.  Somehow the music at spin makes me want to push harder and faster!  Still managed to follow the spin with:
Push-ups: 3 x 10 (mod)
Plank: 3 x 30 seconds (mod)
Dips: 3 x 10
Crunches: 3 x 15 each straight left and right

A wee improvements on reps of crunches and a large improvement in sets!

Someone suggested that I should start a photo/video record of my training, but am unsure due to the fact that all of the photos will be of me sweaty and gross.  I’m sure a great montage could be created, but I’m still undecided.  Stay tuned.


My knees are a little sore today, but with a little motivation, went out for a bit.

Short walk/run to and in the Don Valley, 10 times up the stairs at Riverdale park, back to the Queen street stairs for another 6 times up before heading home.
Push-ups: 2 x 10 (mod)
Dips: 2 x 10
Sit-ups: 2 x 10 each straight left and right
Plank: 2 x 30 seconds (mod)

As a summary of the past week:
August 21: 6.5km run in the don valley
August 22: 2 games ultimate, DUC Hunters take the championship!
August 24: My first plyometrics day with Marc!
August 25: 2 games ultimate, Gentle Tossers beat the undefeated 1st place team and will play for the season win!
August 26: More ultimate!
August 27: Spin with Braeden @ quad – brutal and amazing!
August 28: Hit the driving range and lots of dancing!