When timing actually works!

You may have noticed that I’ve been particularly absent for the past month. It’s been with good reason!

I started a new job quite suddenly a month ago today, and on top of my language classes, it felt like I went from zero to a hundred in a day.

The job is with a startup called Reflow Filament. We make high-quality 3D print filament made from recycled plastic bottles in a way that’s affordable, ethical and sustainable.  Reflow shares 25% of its profits with the waste pickers who collect the raw material, enabling them to earn 20 times the income they would receive using traditional means. (Can you tell I’ve been working on the brand messaging?!)

Based on my last experience, I was a bit nervous in the beginning, which is why I’ve waited as long as I have to put this on the blog. But my experience has been completely different than the last time! As a startup, there is still plenty of risk, but I know the work I’ve done is appreciated and I’m very happy to continue working there.

As one of a 3 person team, I’ve been involved with a little bit of everything, including getting the website and blog up and running, trying to fix our 3D printer made from old printer parts (which is still in progress, I’m getting a skype lesson from one of the guys in Kenya sometime soon), contacting 3D printer artists about partnering with us, writing blog and newsletter content, and organising our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. It’s a huge variety, and I love that about it.

If you’re interested in keeping up with going on, please feel free to like Reflow on Facebook, follow Reflow on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter. I promise not to spam you too much!

Welcome to LocalAbroad.ca

Last week I finally did what I have been thinking about for the past 6 months: move my blog from wordpress.com to localabroad.ca!


There are a few reasons I wanted to make the move. I now have my very own email domain (lyndsey@localabroad.ca), as if I need another email address! I have the ability to try to make a small income if I choose to. Hosting the site wasn’t too expensive – just $100 for 2 years. Most importantly, though, I have a lot more control over what the site looks like.

I’m in the process of learning a bit more about web development, so that, in time, I can tweak the site it be exactly what I want it to be. For now, there should be little to no change from what it was before.

Unfortunately  a lot of the photos that I had over at wordpress.com didn’t transfer properly. I’m also slowly working on updating the feature images for each post  and making sure the images contained in each post are showing up how they should.

New Camera

For a long time I resisted buying a DSLR camera. They’re big, heavy, and expensive. Plus, I know enough people with them that I felt like it wouldn’t have been worthwhile for me. I’m no photographer, nor will I ever be, and my old point and shoot camera met my needs, though there were definitely times I wanted something I could control a bit more.

Enter the mirrorless camera, compact system camera, whatever you want to call it. They’re smaller and cheaper than the traditional DSLR, but take great pictures for my needs and have interchangeable lenses. That sounded like a win to me!

After much research, and a strong recommendation from a good friend, I settled on the Sony alpha 6000.

2015-05-05 Camera

I’m very happy with the pictures it takes. In fact I went back and re-took photos of my jewelry pouch I was so happy with the camera’s capabilities!

While I was visiting some friends, I discovered an interesting feature to the camera. It tries to “fix” my composition. In that case, it did an excellent job cropping the photo I took of my friends’ 3 month old.

2015-05-05 Camera


However, on our recent trip around the Toronto area, it did a terrible job! It always seemed to crop out RB!


2015-05-05 Camera


I suspect this is a feature that can be turned on and off. I admittedly haven’t had a chance to learn much about how the camera works, but it’s definitely something that’s on my list to do!

source: Imaging Resource