About Lyndsey - in the NetherlandsI’m Lyndsey. Welcome to my expat journey from downtown Toronto to a small town in the ‘green heart’ in the Netherlands, where I relocated to be with my better half, RB. Join me as I discover the joys and hardships of becoming a local abroad. I’ll also share my reflections on Dutch culture, food and current events from the perspective of an buitenlander.

About Lyndsey - in PeruI caught the travel bug early. When we were little, family traveled all over Canada and the US during our summer and winter breaks. Then, when I was 17, I packed up my things to move overseas to the first time as a Rotary exchange student living in Mettmann, Germany for 10 months. While I was based near Dusseldorf, I had opportunities to visit Austria, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, in addition to a large portion of Germany. Since then I’ve found the time and resources to visit plenty of places in the Americas and Europe, but there’s still plenty of world left for me to visit!

About Lyndsey - Waste ReductionIn 2011 I was lucky enough to attend the USGBC Green Build Conference which was being held in Toronto. I mistakenly attended a session on construction waste and was blown away when the speakers shared a video about the ‘zero waste home’ family’s journey. I have since begun working towards also living a zero waste lifestyle, and share my struggles and successes here.

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  1. Hi Lyndsay!
    I am also a Canadian living in NL! I’m a newbie though. I just moved to Dordrecht with my husband for his work, about 3 weeks ago.

    I love your little blurb “the joys and sorrows of living abroad” ain’t that the truth.

    Anywho I am still majorly adjusting….redefining myself day by day. Anywho I just wanted to connect. I also have a blog, about plant based eating and recipes, ashleymadden.ca/blog . I will add you to my blogs to read while drinking my morning coffee 🙂 I am posting soon about moving here, will be sure to link you in.


    • Thanks for the note, Ashley. I’ve sadly been less able to blog about my life here as I was previously. My new job has taken over most of my life for the past 2 months. I am hoping when it slows down a little bit I can get back to posting regularly. I took a quick visit to your blog, and I’m super keen to learn more about your plant based recipes, I’ll add you to my list of blogs to read during my morning commute.

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