Voordeel: Nederland – Distances

When I was home for Christmas, it struck me just how vast the distances are in Canada. It’s not that it’s changed, obviously, but after living in a wonderfully compact country like the Netherlands, two hours seems like an extremely long drive for an afternoon visit. If RB and I left now, we could be in Germany or Belgium in less than 2 hours!

Voordeel: Nederland - Distances
This image isn’t perfectly to scale, but it’s not a bad representation

By every measure, the Netherlands is at least an order of magnitude smaller than Canada, and I love that about it.

Measure Canada The Netherlands
Area (square km) 9,976,140 41,526
East-West Distance (km) 5,187 264
North-South Distance (km)  4,627 312
Boundary (km) 252,684 1,478

Updated: I fixed the E-W & N-S distances that I initially reversed.

When I was living in Toronto, my parents lived 84km from me, my sister and her family lived 115 km away, and they live 92 km apart. It would take us a minimum of an hour of driving to visit one another, assuming there was no traffic (yeah right!).

By comparison, RB’s parents and brothers and their families all live within 800 meters of our house, meaning we could visit any of them with a maximum 10-minute walk. That’s what I call an advantage for the Netherlands.

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