What’s in my Bag – Travel Edition

Today RB and I are on our way to Canada for some holiday festivities! While I was packing, I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my bag for this trip!


While all the things I want to bring onto the plane would likely fit into one bag, I like the ability to organize them into two. I carry the Fossil Morgan Top Stitch as my every day purse, and I love its size and the size and location of the outer pockets. In it, I keep all of the things I need quick access to while in the airport.

What's in my bag, travel edition - purse

Clockwise starting at the top you’ll find:

  • phone & ear buds
  • e-reader: It took me a long time to decide to get an e-reader, and I’m so glad I did! Except for when I get asked to turn it off during take-off and landing, which rarely happens, it makes travelling significantly more enjoyable and is way lighter than lugging around a couple of books.
  • keys
  • reusable bag: In case I’m in the mood for some chocolates or aperitif from the duty-free.
  • super warm socks: I usually wear a pair of compression socks for travel, I like to supplement them with some super soft and warm merino wool socks during the flight when temperatures can dip to sub-zero it seems.
  • sea bands: I’ve only ever once had nausea while on a plane, and I sure wish I had these with me at the time. They’re such a small and light item that I almost always have them with me now.
  • wallet: Gotta have that credit card handy while at the airport where everything costs 3x as much as normal!
  • business cards: you never know when you might meet someone who can help with a job search
  • water bottle: airplanes can be extremely dehydrating, and it beats paying for (and throwing out) a bottle. Just make sure it’s empty when you go through security!
  • handkerchief: I inherited my grandma’s handkerchiefs, and I love that there is such variety in them. This Christmas one seemed like the perfect one to throw in my bag for this trip. Check out my post on how to make your own Handkerchiefs!
  • sunglasses: If I’m on top of things, these get moved to my checked bag as soon as I get to the airport. I’m not on the ball too often, unfortunately.
  • lip balm
  • mints:  I’m really not a fan of gum, so mints are my go-to when the pressure change gets to be too much for my ear drums.
  • hand wash: I’m not huge on these things, but in airports and airplanes, where there are extra germs flying around, I like to have this around just in case.
  • nail file: Inevitably I chip a nail once I’m inside security, so I was super stoked to discover that while clippers are a no-no, a nail file is perfectly legal.
  • passport wallet: This keeps all my travel documents handy while going through security. Added bonus is the pen, which I usually end up loaning out to others while filling in customs forms.

Carry On

I keep the bulky things I’ll need in the plane and the things I don’t want to put in my checked baggage in my carry-on bag. This time, I’m using my Everlane twill tote, but when I’ve got a lot of things to transport, or I’m going carry-on only, I’ll use my Everlane twill weekender. It’s the perfect size for the overhead compartments!

What's in my Bag Travel Edition - carry on

This time around, I’m bringing

  • Headphones, inflatable pillow, and eye mask: I don’t usually use these on the flight to Canada, but I throw them on during the flight back to try and get some sleep on the red-eye.
  • Portable Charger: I’ve been caught on flights before where the USB in the entertainment system didn’t charge my phone, and I was in a bit of a pickle when I arrived at the airport with no ability to call my parents to tell them where to pick me up. I’ve had this portable charger for about six months now, and it’s saved me a few times.
  • Camera: I’m already excited for all the pictures of my niece’s first Christmas!
  • Planner: This will be exchanged on this trip for the 2016 compact Passion Planner. I’ve been using this for about six months, and I’m a big fan. I found the planning tools very helpful to give me some direction, and it keeps me on track with all of my job search and blogging activities.
  • Old Phone, chargers & cable: My Canadian SIM card won’t fit in my new phone. I’m a bit nervous about cutting it up, so I’ve brought along my old phone to use my Canadian Number.
  • Laptop & charger: This trip, I’m going to try downloading some of the Coursera content onto my laptop and do some learning on the plane.


Each time I’ve gone back to Canada, I’ve decided only to use about half my bag so that there’s space to bring some stuff back with me, and, this time, is no exception. I try and follow my grandma’s rules for packing, which are well summarized in the One Suitcase series from Outfit Posts. In short, make sure everything goes with everything else, so it’s easy to mix and match your clothes. I use a Heys 26″ Sprinter, and I find it to be a perfect size! I can pack whatever I need to in it without it being overweight. When it’s time to replace my carry-on sized suitcase, I’ll be looking for its 21″ sister!

What's in my Bag Travel Edition - Suitcase

For this trip, I packed:

  • 2 cardigans
  • 4 sweaters
  • 5 shirts
  • a dress and a pair of tights
  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pairs of shoes and one pair of ankle boots
  • Underwear
  • Running gear
  • Toiletries in my Everlane Dopp Kit
  • Make-up in a small bag that I got as a gift from Sinterklaas
  • Jewelry in my travel pouch
  • Gifts

Is there anything you can’t travel without? Let me know in the comments!

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