A Tour of my 2nd Dutch Apartment

Back in March I took you on a tour of the apartment that RB and I lived at the time. While there were lots of great things about it, there were less than great things about it. We are very happy to have moved into our current place!

We’re now super centrally located in the town; the shopping area is about a 2 minute walk from where we are, we are right next door to one of the local pubs where RB sometimes plays billiards, and all of RB’s family are within 1 km radius.

Our apartment has two levels, although it’s significantly bigger than our last apartment. Given the size and the layout of the main floor, we don’t use the upper floor all that often.

First Floor Layout

The door into our apartment leads to a small space where we keep our bikes and where we climb the spiral staircase to get to our living space.

Spiral Staircase

We recently purchased a new couch, chair, coffee table and rug for our living room, and we love them!

Living Room

We also found some lovely room chairs to go in our dining room. They were on sale, so we bought 8! We have the biggest common space of RB’s family, and have already hosted Easter and a get together when my parents were in town. The extra 2 chairs have already come in handy.

Dining Room

If you remember, the kitchen in our last apartment was about as small as the bathroom! Well, this is where we’ve made the biggest gains, in my opinion. There’s even room for an extra table!


Another great win for me is having a toilet on the same floor as our bedroom.


I didn’t take any pictures of the 2nd floor because right now it’s mostly just storage and laundry. We’ve got one bedroom already set up for when friends and family come and visit and we’ve got plans for a 2nd as well.

2nd Floor Plan

I think my favourite detail about the house is the little icons on the washroom and toilet doors. How adorable are they?


Here are all of the photos I took of our main floor

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