Welcome to LocalAbroad.ca

Last week I finally did what I have been thinking about for the past 6 months: move my blog from wordpress.com to localabroad.ca!


There are a few reasons I wanted to make the move. I now have my very own email domain (lyndsey@localabroad.ca), as if I need another email address! I have the ability to try to make a small income if I choose to. Hosting the site wasn’t too expensive – just $100 for 2 years. Most importantly, though, I have a lot more control over what the site looks like.

I’m in the process of learning a bit more about web development, so that, in time, I can tweak the site it be exactly what I want it to be. For now, there should be little to no change from what it was before.

Unfortunately  a lot of the photos that I had over at wordpress.com didn’t transfer properly. I’m also slowly working on updating the feature images for each post  and making sure the images contained in each post are showing up how they should.

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