Day Trip: Amsterdam

Back when my parents were here, we decided it would be nice to visit some places nearby. And there’s no bigger or better-known city nearby than Amsterdam!

My picks for the best ways to spend a single day in Amsterdam

We started our Day Trip Amsterdam at the Central Station, in the heart of the City. There are tonnes of trains travelling from Schiphol  Airport to Amsterdam Centraal every hour; just make sure you jump on the right one!

My mom and I agreed that we like to do a walking tour of any city to get a sense of how it’s laid out and a feel for its vibe. We signed up for the City Free Tour Amsterdam, and were not disappointed! The tour runs daily at 11:30 from the Beursplein beside a beautiful cafe where we used the bathrooms before heading out.

Our guide, Kim, took us on a fabulous walk that included visits to some of the main landmarks in the city as well as bits of history about each place. If you’re considering taking this walking tour, you may want to know that we spent some time in the red light district. It’s an interesting part of the city and has some fascinating stories to go along with it, but know that you will likely see some scantily clad ladies in windows.

The tour was supposed to be about 2 hours, but ours was a bit longer because of a family whose pace was a bit slower. Kim, our guide, was very accommodating and made sure we all enjoyed the tour. She let us know when the two hours had passed, and a few of the guests needed to leave because of other engagements.

The tour is tip based, and the site recommends €10 per person. We agreed the tour was worth at least this, based on the job Kim did, especially considering most walking tours are closer to €20 per person!

The tour ended in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam where there are tonnes of restaurant options from which to choose. Trip Advisor lists 153!

After eating, we made our way to the Amsterdam Museum. This was one of the first places that RB and I visited together, and I remembered loving it!

Mom and I walked through the Amsterdam DNA exhibition, which gives an overview of the history of Amsterdam. My favourite part was learning how the city infrastructure grew, and why the city is laid out as it is. The installation for each era includes a map showing what part of the city existed in white, and what part of the city grew during that period in grey.

We also visited the Graffiti exhibition, which is the first in the Netherlands to be dedicated to New York and Amsterdam graffiti from the 80s. While it was interesting to learn about, my attention span at museums has an expiry, and we were getting close to it.

While mom and I went back home for dinner and to hang out with RB, there are also about a million options for dinner right near the Amsterdam Museum. Well, actually, Trip Advisor lists 338 in the Grachtengordel area, but who’s counting?

Do you have any favourite attractions or restaurants that are worth visit during a Day Trip Amsterdam?

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