How to make Handkerchiefs

I am actually an old woman.  I listen to (and am passionate about) CBC Radio One, I knit, I love hot water with lemon. And now, I use handkerchiefs, rather than facial tissue.

A quick look at my goal to drastically reduce the amount of waste I produce showed me that I need to first reduce the amount of paper products I use. And while I could go out and buy some handkerchiefs, I thought it would be another fun sewing project!

So I headed on over to Designer Fabrics again to find some simple cotton. I ended up with what I think is shirt fabric – it’s white with a small blue check. I bought the minimum amount – 1/2 a yard but now I think I’ve founds something to do with my old work shirts when I can’t wear them anymore!

I was pretty lax about getting the fabric square, and it didn’t end up being a problem at all.  I just cut the fabric in half lengthwise, and then cut it into squares.

I then pressed (omg, more pressing!) the sides over twice to make a nice seam.

Then sew around the edges. I ran out of white yarn, so I used a pretty blue grey to match the check pattern in the fabric for some of them. A crazy colour might be fun too!

Easy peasy and ready to use!  Making 8 of them took a bit over an hour, and cost about $2!

I think I’m going to put a sewing machine on my Christmas/Birthday list this year!  That way I can visit with my parents when I’m at their house, rather than sitting downstairs using my mom’s sewing machine and iron.

4 thoughts on “How to make Handkerchiefs

  1. I have a sewing machine I just got as a hand-me-down from Colin's MOm….it only does the simplest stitch and I have NO clue how to use it. Maybe you could show me and we can make more handkerchiefs together (not gonna lie took me a few times for that word) lol

  2. @Ali Mc Handkerchief took me a few tries too! I can definitely teach you how to use your sewing machine! I've got a few more project posts coming up soon, and we can do all of them with a simple straight stitch.

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